Zeolite Ferro Treat :

“80% of the human diseases are waterborne”. In doctor's opinion these Include Cholera, Dysentery, Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Gastroenteritis, etc. Simple UV purifiers only inactivate bacteria and hence unable to remove them from water to totality.

Zeolite Ferro Treat safeguards human health from hazardous waterborne diseases. The mineral content of water often alters its taste. The iron content stains utensils arid floors. Excessive spending on detergents and formation of sedimentation is very common. Usage of iron contaminated water causes constipation and hair loss due to stickiness. Install ZEOLITE FERRO TREAT for 24 hours Iron-free water supply.


The High Utility Water Purifier

Specification :

Height 1’ 10" ,Weight : 3.5 kgs

As water enters through the spray nozzle soluble iron gets oxidised. Any remaining soluble or insoluble iron precipitates on the ZEOFIL bed, due to the catalytic effect of this oxidizing media.

Water next permeates through ZEOFIL-A, a pharmaceutical grade activated carbon media. Bioturbidity gets arrested as a result of surface activity. Finally, the micron filter removes bacteria of size not less than 5.0 micron.

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