Zeolite Water Softener

Save your Water dependent Gadgets from Hard Water

Here is now Zeolite Water Softener the online Water Softening System which removes Calcium & Magnesium salts from raw water & gives you sparkling soft water.

How Zeolite Water Softener works?

Zeolite Water Softener is a compact system of FRP, MS or HDPE constructed vessel with multi-port or multiple valve operation. Zeolite Water Softener contains polystyrene based cation resin in sodium form which transforms all the salts present in the water into sodium salts. Excessive hardness of water is due to presence of high amount of Calcium & Magnesium salts, hence water becomes soft after passing through Zeolite Water Softener.


Seamless FRP wounded Vessel with Multiple Valve & Pipeline. 

Advantages of Zeolite Water Softener:

1. Capacity available 100 liters - 100000 liters per hour and above.

2. Stops hair loss, helps to regain the shine of hair, hence makes hair soft and silky.

3. Reduces drastically consumption of soap and detergent.

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