Zeolite Arsenic Removal Plant

How Zeolite Arsenic & Iron Filtration Unit (Hand Pump) works?

As water enters through the system, soluble iron gets oxidized. In Zeolite Hand Pump Filtration Unit the trivalent iron gets arrested into Zeofil. The first stage of the it removal process involves the oxidation of bivalent iron. Remaining soluble or insoluble it precipitates on the Zeofil bed due to the catalytic effects of this oxidizing media. lt also arrests bio-turbidities of water as a result of surface activity. Hence Zeolite Hand Pump Filtration Unit gives complete solution for dissolved Iron in water.

It also effectively removes Arsenic salts from water In presence of activated Alumina and special oxidizing chemical which helps to oxidize Arsenic into insoluble form. These units are successfully running in many rural areas of West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Bihar and Orissa. 



Advantages of Zeolite Hand Pump Filtration Unit

• Total elimination of iron and turbidity from drinking water without altering Its natural thirst quenching taste.

• Instant supply of pure water

• Online installation with main water supply, Pence pure water available

• Non-electrical device ensures uninterrupted supply without recurring expenses

• Non clogging, non-choking, no iron deposits

• Saves up to 25% of expensive detergents.

• Prevents discolouration of clothes

• Stops hair from getting sticky and hairloss.

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